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I create teams, implement solutions, build trust.

I monitor customers, design unique solutions.

I create accessible solutions for business. I find solutions for problems, balancing chaos and order. I help brands grow their business by providing tools and fostering creative collaboration.


I streamline brand management through cohesive and functional design systems. I increase brand recognition and reputation by building trust through communication and transparency. I motivate customers towards success by providing analytics and enabling a better understanding of the company. I promote a culture of listening and empathy. I also specialize in digital and UX/UI design for brands, increasing reach and interaction with audiences. My knowledge of data analysis allows me to tailor brand strategies and makes decision-making easier for my clients. I use Design Thinking to creatively solve problems centered around the user. I utilize design tools such as the Adobe Creative Suite and Figma, as well as prototyping, and work in iterative cycles. I employ visual storytelling, have a sense of animation, motion design, illustration, and photography. Understanding marketing strategies, packaging design, and knowledge of trends and the future enables me to create solutions that are current and effective in the long term.

He is not afraid to create his own style and own rules.


Be brave enough to lead the change through creativity.

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Jerzy Tchórzewski

Creative and Art Management

Creative and Art Management

I am a freelancer specialist. I collaborate with companies, design studios, institutions and project teams. I share my creativity, talent and experience. For the needs of various projects, I am able to create and manage creative or production teams.

I am a
walking & breathing creative boutique

I create total solutions and projects, from concept to final product. As a branding specialist, I help clients better understand their company from A to Z by providing valuable data and analysis that enables business decision making. I believe that listening to employees, building trust, empathy, and warm communication are key to business success. With these values, I create recognizable brands, reach young and innovative customers, make product usage easier, create a clear and consistent corporate identity, and support the establishment of new business relationships.

More thinking, less

Designers focus on designing the process and creative participation. Automation tools, including prototyping and graphic creation, shift the emphasis from what to why and how. If you're looking for help in creating a recognizable brand and need support in making business decisions, I'm here for you. I invite you to take advantage of my services and jointly create unique solutions that will contribute to the success of your business. I am convinced that our cooperation will be full of emotions and mutual empathy, so I am eagerly waiting for the opportunity to work with you!
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Interaction Design 0
Customer Experience, User Experience & User Interface Design 0
Design Thinking 0
Ethical Design 0
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  • Augmented reality posters I invite you to my exhibition. The exhibition includes posters in augmented reality and navigation stations. It is a walk through the problems related to social media and the contemporary world. #augmentedreality #illustrationartists #posters #exhibition #socialmedia #world  Time: 12.07.2019