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Creative process develops clients

Wide horizons

A creative look at the profession or business, especially those coming from outside, broadens the client’s horizons. We all know that it is better to talk to a friend who will tell us even an uncomfortable truth, rather than a supporter who pats his back on the back and nods his own party. Real discoveries happen somewhere at the junction. Between. When we look at a given topic or issue from a proper perspective, we notice new possibilities. It’s good to have a trustee and adviser in such a process. If we pay someone for the concept and implementation of the idea, we are sure that the project will be comprehensive and consistent.

Empathy in designing

Miracles can be worked through empathy – it sounds colloquial, but I will try to develop this idea. What is empathy? It’s looking at someone in a compassionate way. In this case, the particular interest is in the background. For graphical acrobatics or forcing visions not based on the needs of the project, there is no place here. The focus, commitment and mutual communication of all elements of the puzzle become the key to success. In this case, success is a coherent message and the organic nature of, for example, a brand, service or product.

When does work on the project start?

In the case of such an approach to design work begins at the first meeting: by building a brief with the client, the designer “sets” his optics on his problems. He chooses the right tools and maps his needs. Even a casual but honest conversation about a business, service or product can be an excellent fuel for a designer.

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