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Creative cooperation

I have been designing for years, I always try to be one step ahead. I follow the latest trends. I approach the process itself holistically, I love large broad projects. The bigger the challenge, the more fun you have in designing. I take the result very seriously. Regardless if it's a huge project or a smaller one.

CV Jerzy Tchórzewski

Address: Kraków, ul. Do Wilgi 27/2

Telephone: +48 736 868 182




Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts,

Faculty of Graphics. Dissertation

Defended at  Poster design workshop


State High School of Fine Arts in Kraków

English language


Drawing, painting, photography, animation. Perfect expertise in Adobe package design tools. Pictograms, logotypes, posters, book covers, visual identifications, key visual, web layout, print layout, illustrations, photomontage, utility design of applications, user interface, projects combining various mediums, social design. Creating conceptions, analysis, reports, audits. Creating presentations. Product design. Branding, nameing. Experience design, Concepts, mapping, murals, creating museum exhibitions, publication desing. Cooperation with scientists, other designers, IT experts. Producing analysis, advising, comprising teams, managing projects, managing creative teams, creative and art directing


Applying Vr technology, creating hardware+software products, Aritficial inteligence, creativity as a process, self-improvement, project managing, museology, landscape design, architecture, marketing, music, art, theater.


We transfer FLOW contest

20 award winners in a competition with 1200 submitted works.

Poster gallery AMS competition

Award winner of the Poster gallery AMS competition


* honourable mention of “LSD” design in Graphic design category on Behance

*  honourable mention of „CZAS POKAZAĆ KARTY” in Graphic design category on Behance


DESIGN OF THE YEAR – POLISH GRAPHIC COMPETITION – taking 1 place i ethics category for Buy responsibly project. From among over three hundred submissions the jury chose thirty  finalists which took their place on an exhibition. Seven polish authors have been awarded medals for their designs of the previous year. The caegories were : form, function, Ethics, Event, Debut and authority.

Good 50x70

As one of six from Poland, I was chosen for an exhibition of Good 50×70 in Triennale Gallery in Milan.

JEWISH MOTIFS visual identification competition

I place in poster competition on “International Film Festival Jewish Motifs” “

Work experience


Comissioned concept of labelingproduct of a clothing company Medicine.


Design and a concept of series of prints on t-shirts for a clothing brand Unicut.

LSD Studio

Design of a booklet and promotional materials for LSD Studio, conception, adivising and production of materials.

Jakub Grzegorzek

Personal identification of legal advisor Jakub Grzegorzek.

Cristal Cave

Desing of a whole identification for a Cristal Cave company which deals with industry 4.0. Advising and production of materials.

Urszula Frontczak Brataniec

Scientific publication design from the field of landscape architecture for a Doctor of Architectural Engineering Urszula Forczek-Brataniec. The Publication received an award.


VRL – Design of identification and UI for mobile application.

Gabriel Niedziela

Gabriel Niedziela – Design of a personal branding for a musician.


Concept for AON for wayfinding and interiro design. AON HEXON manual interactive game.

Taco / Visovia

Invitus logotype for series of carts Taco Invitius. Concept of Packaging for Visovia.

Polskie Koleje Linowe - National Cable Cars

National Cable Cars: Kasprowy wierch (a mountain). Comissioned concept of a shop at the peak of Kasprowy, visual identification KASPROWY CONCEPT STORE Comissioned concept of the philosophy of the brand and inventory of KASPROWY CONCEPT HUB Comissioned concept for creating space in Tatra National Park in AR(augmented reality).

International Film Festival Jewish Motifs

International Film Festival Jewish Motifs 2010 – 2018: Holistic visual identification and creative concept.Developed firther each year. Leading graphical motive, label for edition, colouring, font, festival poster for city lights for distribution in businesses and advertising columns. Animated web ads, facebook communication, video ad for public transport, and cinema, programme of the festival, promotional gadgets, awards and cetificates.


Kraków PHOTO FRINGE 2016 – 2017 Flyers, posters, labels for places, stickers, postcards, programme with a map. This is an accompanying event Krakow Photo Month.

Startup Poland

Startup Poland: cover and layout deisgn as well as repot “Visa policies for startups” Global Handbook. Epub and print.


DANROB producer of machines and tools: visual identification, movies, animations, webpage, booklet made from handmade box with NFC chips, files, flyers and business cards, print for car, visual identification of machines and tools, series of logotypes of tools.


Mostowa Art Cafe: Identification – unique solution combining functions of a catalog and a promotional gadget also special design for a distributor, prints for cups and mugs, business cards, design of a label for companies’ beer.


Trefl  ( Paper facilities in Kraków – biggest producer of playing cards in Poland.) Design and concept of Polish People’s Republic cards. Packaging, Handdrawn, richly illustrated cards representing the hisotry of comunist Poland.

Innovative programme for primary school learning

„Innovative programme for primary school learning” Multimedia project: design and production of a webpage, screenplay and production of 280 min of animations, lector recordings, drawing couple of hundreds of illustrations, layout and composition of more than a dozen of books for early primary school education. Visual identification: logotypes, design of a font NOVITER and a bank of sounds as well as 6 songs. In this project i was an artdirector and a coordinator of a team of graphic designers, animators and musicians. I was keeping watch over all of materials and designing myself.

Museum POLIN

Museum of History of Polisz Jews POLIN in Warsaw. Work with designing the permanent exhibition. Arranging the exhibition space, layout of exhibits, stage design, creating maps, charts, iconographics made by various technics and with different materials (metal, galss and wood) Work in Nizio Design International team on EVENT agency project briefs from London. First stage designing in teams and second stage designing by myself, creating exhibition fragments, acceptance of the designs by Barbara Kirshenblatt-Bimblet and Mirosław Nizio.


Partnership with a magazine WPROST: creation of more than a dozen of illustrations for articles, columns and covers.

BWA Bielsko Biała

Project for Modern Art Gallery in Bielsko Biała in Poland (International conference culture locomotive): animations in conference space, visual identification, advertising elements, banners, suitcases, paper.


LOVE IT My own card game with the use of QR codes. Debut and the presentaion fo the game took place in Berlin on International Design Festival in section “All stars”


Visual identification of one of 6 main festivals of Kraków – DIVINE COMEDY Festival. Creation of signature of the festival as well as the whole identification: logotypes, billboards, citylights, posters, webpage, video advertisement, paper advertisement, tickets, publications.


Partnership with Theater “Nowa Łaźnia” (New Baths) in Nowa Huta ( Kraków city district) in the field of graphic design based on my own solutions. Couple of tens of thousands of prints of promotional material, posters, flyers, programmes, special prints, identification of festivals, identification of the theater.

Wyspiański Wyzwala

Visual Identification for a festival “Wyspiański liberates” ( “Wyspiański liberates”): programme, promotional material for magazines, billboards, posters, prints, logo.

Wyspiański Wyzwala

Visual Identification of a Wyspiański Underground concert organized for Wyspiański Wyzwala festival. It received GUARANTEE OF CULTURE for cultural event of 2007 awarded by Polish National Television “Culture” ( i was reposnsible for graphical image of the festival and every material promoting it – posters and other prints, among others : series of billboards inspired by Wyspiański himself, printed in “Gazeta Wyborcza” and exhibited on the streets of Kraków and Warszawa.

Genius Loci

Vsual Identification of Genus Locifestival ( re-design of the logo, posters, bills, prints.

Theater “Nowa Łaźnia”

Visual identification of Theater Łaźnia Nowa : from a business card through webpage to elements of the desing of the interior. The Identification has been based on my won system of categorizing with the use of sets of pictograms and characters. Besides that there is also a modern, noncompromising design.

Reactivation of iconic cinema

Reactivation of iconic cinema “Świt” (“dawn”) in Nowa Huta. Cocreating The Dawn festival.

Where Fundation

Founding and comanaging an incubator of creative attitudes  – foundation “GDZIE” (Where) (2006-2012).