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LSD Studio box


LSD Studio is an interior design studio specializing in implementation for the retail sector. They work with powerful brands among others: BYTOM, Dior, Notino, Tutti Santi. They describe themselves as an exclusive design clinic for their clients. And it is that healthcare approach that became the main motive for the design of promotional material made for LSD with an international trade fair in mind. First-aid kit, that includes various elements in the compendium of knowledge about the studio, is much more sophisticated than it might have been assumed at first. For an example on its lid there are “allegories” of fire, water and air – elements that characterize me and my partners, created in a convention that brings to mind visual design of flower children 70’s era (Earth Wind and Fire album cover that was popular at that time being an inspiration), which in itself is a humourous way to reference the name of the brand – LSD. Op-art also has made a couple of appearances. The project is a result of a remarkable experience that was the cooperation of designers from different industries that work with different tools and methodologies.



LSD Studio has turned to me with a request to create promotional material developing already existing visual identification, with which they will be represented before their potential clients during the most important trade fair in the industry. Therefore, the product had to attract attention, stand out from among the competition and attest the creativity and high quality of the interior designs made by the LSD Studio. The biggest challenge was combining all the strategic goals into one coherent process leading to the production of the final and definitive result. All elements of the promotional set were designed, prototyped and produced in somewhat low volume. There were 15 people in the production itself and their efforts had to be lead and watched over to ensure the highest quality.



The result of this intense and swift cooperation was an idea of creating i.a. A system to collect contacts of potential clients of the studio, and an application for tablet integrated with the CRM system (Customer Relationship Management).  The goal was to, just after a brief and direct contact, classify the potential partner, then engage in initial relationship and automatically maintain it. An integral part of the concept was 500k of little boxes with the description of the Studio in a nutshell. The form of the box imitated pharmaceutical packaging to stay consistent with the line of the brand. There was also a hundred portfolios made.


To complement it all, there were also larger, exclusive boxes resembling first aid kits, handmade from the highest quality materials with immense care over every detail. In those boxes, one could find promotional material. 21 of such boxes were created – each one was given their own number and individual signature. For the finishing of the boxes, a special cloth has been created with my own graphical pattern.  The contents of the boxes were worked out together with the designers from LSD Studio: stylized to look like a pharmaceutical packaging, it has a drawer with the LSD building imprinted on it, inside which you can find a healthcare folder describing the services of the company. I also designed icons that conceptualize the field of work in which LSD Studio works. A unique complementary element was specially made chocolates in 5 different flavors. On the wrap of each of them, there were label-emoticons that expressed one of the emotions from a wide spectrum: from happiness to surprise. The portfolios inside were printed on uncoated and laminated. Business cards were made in four different patterns from the front and two from the back. The back has been made with a raised print that was used in other materials as well. In the short time available to me, I was able to lead the whole effort from the conception of ideas, through prototyping and production, all the way to delivering the ready solution.


Nazwa Klienta