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Marek Kondrat is one of the most powerful personal brands and unquestionable authority in the world of wine: lover, connoisseur, producer and popularizer of knowledge about wine. His character is an inspiration for the project of an online store “Kondrat Wina Wybrane” (Kondrat chosen wines) and an innovative browser enabling the choice of an ideal wine based on sensual criteria. The browser was thought of not as a tool for those who have deep expertise in that of the noblest of beverages but for anyone with senses and imagination. Not everybody is in the know about wine but everybody can guide themselves with intuition and sensual associations.



The idea of the browser does not use the expert language of the sommelier and embraces a new perspective on categorizing wine. It offers to play with your imagination drawing from individual’s associations with wine: The Sun, colours, climate, culture. The wine chosen with that way is an answer to the individual’s “connotations map”.



Purchase of wine over the internet cannot make use of all senses. The browser allows the maximum use of the only sense that we use for internet shopping – sight – and manages to meet all the personal preferences. It is a simulation of multi-sensual experience. Here, “sensuality” takes the form of the extended spectrum and nuanced choice of colours, scent, and taste. Further, our intuition guides us with universal symbols such as the Sun as the sweetness of the wine, or a feather and weight expressing its heaviness


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