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The design for Basia Wojas was to be a “starter” of a kind, to help the artist in the new chapter of her career, a chapter that began with a move abroad. The starting point for my work were photo sessions of make-up done by her, and Initials of the artist from which I made logotype.



The main challenge was to tailor the identification and the design to enable Basia a recognizable entry to the premium international market.



While I was creating the identification of Basia Wojas I started out from a logotype based on very simple lettering and minimalistic layout of the page. The colour yellow best represents the energy of the artist so it was chosen to dominate. Fully responsive and functional website of Basia Wojas got a minimalistic layout that also has the role of being a background to her portfolio. The scope of my work on the website had me create the design, UX, implementation and author’s oversight over the whole project.




Client: Basia Wojas

Competencies: Creating inspired ideas, branding, designing visual identification, oversight over the production, UX, UI, design of a webpage

Tools: Head, hand, pencil, illustrator, photoshop