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I was asked to do an identification redesign of an annual event that accompanies Krakow Photo month Festival – Krakow Photo Fringe 2016 and 2017. My visuals shaped one of the most recognizable photographic events in the Lesser Poland region. Festival photo fringe took place on a huge area of the City of Kraków. The concept of the festival is a kind of “cultural franchise”. This format gathers, consolidates and focuses efforts of different groups, communities, and institutions of local reach. I came to the already present identification with great respect, not changing its most important features – typography and colouring. My goal was to brisk the identification and make it more recognizable. For this purpose, I created, among others, functional icons. A little bit silly, absurd, but at the same time having strong, meaningful visual signs. These emphasize the anthropocentric and democratic nature of the event. A very characteristic poster has also been created picturing roving photo-person.



Design premises, in this case, are to preserve typography and colouring which were the most distinctive elements of the identification, but also to freshen up the entirety, add icons categorizing events as well as highlighting the social and ground-up personality of the whole initiative.



The challenge here was a very short amount of time and hugely complicated festival map which was altered up to minutes with new places taking part in the event. Next obstacle was the limited budget and many scattered events in the whole Lesser Poland region. Despite these, we managed to complete everything successfully.



Within the framework of the identification, there were created forms mapping the tremendously big area of the event. Lesser events already divided into categories were assigned icons. These icons had to be characteristic and interesting enough to attract attention in large format but to be clear and understandable on the small scale. They became navigation and wayfinding of the festival. One could find them on all festival materials: identifying area – map, identifying places within an area – big stickers informing about exhibitions. Identification also gave the organizers tools to tell the viewers apart from creators. Various pins, postcards, posters, and program of the festival were created as well. Social media along with website materials have been prepared by me too.

My work of identification and the visual materials have been so convincing that they ended up being used for the next two editions of the festival, and the little stick figure that is a hybrid of a camera and a person has become the symbol of it all. Identification of the Photo Fringe is ascetically simple but it conveys the spirit of this, somewhat underground event.

Client: Photo Month in Kraków/ The Foundation for Visual Arts

Competencies: Rebranding, creative concept, design of promotional material, branding

Tools: Pencil, rubber, head, illustrator, In Design.