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I was asked to design the identification of a company that deals with designing for the Industry 4.0. Their field of work are Virtual reality, Augmented reality, printing and scanning 3D, production process simulation, creating software and many other various areas. Operations of Crystal Cave take their start by selecting design tools and processes for a particular job. Crystal Cave creates not only the designs of the products but also the process of production itself. It combines many fields of design and computer sciences. Technology is used as a work environment but it also uses its own tools for the design process. Crystal Cave thinks in 3D.



The goals of the design in this particular case are the freshness of form, modernity and clear way of showing the design environment and its diversity. I took part in the process of creating materials for the web page. Key matter here was the merging of the formal smoothness with the heaviness of the industry.




Crystal Cave in its operations resembles JEST STUDIO. Although they use different technology to produce their designs, the operating principles stay the same. They take advantage of wide knowledge and a whole array of competencies. The challenge, in this case, was to create deep and unorthodox visual identification of the company which will stay in the frame of some trends



I started my own work by sorting out the message that needs to be relayed. I defined a chart of the active field for the company. The result was a chart of competencies. This graph became the interface to enter the design process and the next “blocks” redirect to graphs of particular projects. These graphs were enhanced by a set of icons representing each different solution. All of these were made within a context of industry 4.0



Industry 4.0 automatizes a lot of tasks to which up until now people were designated. In this field, human efforts are taken from production into designing and servicing. It gives the opportunity to focus more on these. 3D printing, visualization and multi-phase evaluations of a product, as well as the process of creation of the product itself, are becoming a norm in the current design. The moment in which design and industry 4.0 will meet is inevitable and solutions from the field of automatization of production are able to be shown in a modern, intelligent and beautiful manner.