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I sell experiences at wholesale and retail level

I shape effort into structure. I help systematize your idea and select suitable brand tools. We define the values and goals of your business. Together, we create strategy, branding and marketing.


Cooperation with scientists, designers, computer scientists, consulting, creating teams, managing projects, managing creative team, creative and art directing. Visual design..

He is not afraid to create his own style and own rules.


Be brave enough to lead the change through creativity.

Teatr Nowy

Jerzy Tchórzewski

I am an expert for hire.

Product and services design

I am an expert for hire. I cooperate with companies, design studios, institutions, and project teams. I share my creativity, talent, and experience. For the needs of some projects i am able to create and manage creative or production teams.

I am a
walking & breathing creative boutique

My main field is creation. I offer solution and whole projects from concept through production to the fial product. I forge holistic experiences for brands. In my design i merge thereal world with the virtual one. While thinking of products or identification i think about their functioning; i set a modern tone for the classic measures.

More thinking, less

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